How to Manual on a Mountain Bike? – 7 Easy Steps to Remember.How to manual on a mtb: 5 essential tips to pull it off

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Manual on bike.How to Manual on a Mountain Bike

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Man-made rollers are a great example of this. As you approach a roller, drop your hips and start to move them back by straightening your legs right as the front end heads over the first roller.

Keeping your hips low and back will carry the front wheel to the next roller. Then, be ready to get your hips back over the front of the rear hub to set the front wheel back down. This move not only adds style but can allow you to carry more speed down the trail.

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These cookies do not store any personal information. Non-necessary Non-necessary. Biketoworkday is supported by its audience. When you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Doing a manual on a mountain bike is a fun way to enjoy an MTB. It is entertaining and a great way to show off your cycling skills.

However, perfecting how to manual on a mountain bike requires practice and a great level of balancing skills. Without the right knowledge, you may get hurt in the process. Luckily, we are here to help you gain a good manual bike technique, especially when mountain biking.

There are two important things you must remember when learning manual trainer MTB — having a perfect balance and keeping the bike front wheel in the air. A manual MTB technique is a cycling skill where you lift the front wheel and ride on your back wheel without pedaling. You use your momentum to maintain the front wheel in the air while standing up on the flat pedals. It is a useful technique when riding on different kinds of trails.

You can use this technique on challenging trails, especially when you want to build better stability while riding. You can depend on your manual technique while trial cycling or mountain biking. Learning to manual on a mountain bike also helps you gain more control over your cycling, keeping the front wheel from diving off or making a slow drop. But before mastering this skill, you need to start from scratch and build confidence gradually.

It is essential that you practice on an empty corner, and start from the right body position. You have to practice with your knees bent while applying pressure on every turn. More importantly, you have to establish a good grip, as your balancing skills will be deliberately challenged. You can start by keeping a straight line on the ground and monitoring your progress from time to time.

It is also crucial to follow the step-by-step guide below while learning to manual on an MTB:. The key to learning the technique successfully is to start with the right body posture. You have to ensure that your body is close to the bicycle while keeping your feet level. It will prepare you to straighten your arms and legs while you pull the front wheel up to the desired balance point. While practicing your posture, it is also crucial that you keep your eyes straight ahead. It will build better stability while you are focused on the direction you want to launch.

Keeping your arms and legs straight is not the only thing you have to work on. You should also pay attention to your bum and hips. This can help you find the right balance point and be more in control with the back wheel.

To do this, you should slide your bum off the back of your bike saddle while aligning your hips with the rear hub. Once you master this position, your weight will be taken off the front wheel, making it easier to keep the wheel off the ground.

It is crucial that you have full control of your body to get the front wheel up while doing the manual bicycle technique. You have to transfer the weight from the front to the back portion of your bicycle. With the good posture mentioned above, practice popping your bike up while gaining control of your body. Pro Tip: This is also called a pre-loading strategy.


Manual on bike


Skip to Content. Get cruising around the trail centre car park on that back wheel in no time. Written by Richard Bennett. A manual looks remarkably similar to a wheelie, but instead of pedalling to propel your front wheel up it is instead initiated by shifting your bodyweight towards the back of the bike.

Here are a few tricks and tips that will help you along the way to mastering this awesome technique. When first learning to manual, many riders struggle to find the initial balance point; they lift the front wheel harder and higher but can never get it to stay up. This is most likely down to the fact that a good manual technique starts with your hips and bum, not your arms. Read Story. Straight arms, bent legs. Your arms should remain pretty much straight and you should have a bend in your legs.

If the front wheel begins to drop, extend your legs a little and drop your hips back. If the front wheel begins to lift, bend the legs further and shift your hips forward. These shifts in weight are subtle, but make up the cornerstone of keeping that front wheel in the air. Cover the rear brake. Remember the rear brake is your friend and a quick dab will bring the front end straight back down if you feel yourself going, thus saving your backside from an impromptu meeting with the ground.

Lower that seat. If you have a particularly high seat, this can hinder your progress when learning to manual. Some bikes are easier than others. When all else fails, remember that you can always blame your tools. You can learn to manual on any bike, but some are going to be easier than others. Bikes with riser bars and a high front end should be easier as less of your weight is in your arms. Bikes with short chainstays that keep your back wheel closer to the bottom bracket will also be slightly easier.

Just remember, putting in the hard yards and lots of practice are the only way to get this technique dialled, good luck! Discover more ways to improve your mountain bike technique:.

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