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General description for this shortcut: Takes your last action back in most of editing programs. Some people wonder why the letter “Z” is used for undo. It’s probably because of keyboard position. Arch Linux – Pauses current task. Ardour – Undo. Audacity – Undo. AVImark – Undo.

Binance 1. Camtasia – Undo. Deepin Linux – Undo. E-Sword – Undo Editors only. Firefox – Undo. GoldWave – Undoes last change. HyperSnap 8 – Undo. Mapedit Blood – Pan up. Microsoft Photos App – Undo changes editing. Mozilla Thunderbird – Undo. Opera – Undo recent changes. Roll20 – Undo previous action. Ubuntu – Undo the last change you made. Vivaldi – Re-open last closed tab.

Waze Map Editor – Undo. Windows 11 – Undo an action. Windows 3. Windows XP – Undo. Windows XP – Undo last action undo copy, move, delete, etc.

Ace Editor – Undo. Bluefish – Undo. Brackets – Undo. CherryTree 0. CudaText 1. Dropbox Paper – Undo. FocusWriter – Undo. KeepNote 0. KompoZer – Undo. Metapad – Undo. Microsoft OneNote – Undo the last action. Microsoft Word – Undo the last action. Most used text editing – Undo. Notepad – Undo. Notepad2 – Undo. Notepad3 v5. OneNote for the web – Undo. Overleaf – Undo. PSPad – Undo.

QuarkXPress – Undo create item. Scrivener 1. Texmaker 5. TextRoom – Undo. TreePad Lite – Undo last edit. TreePad Lite – Undo last editing action. WikidPad Windows – Undo. WinMerge – Undo last action.

Wordpad – Undo a change. WordPerfect X8 – Undo. WriteMonkey – Undo. Xodo – Undo. ZenWriter 2 – Undo. Zim – Undo. Adobe After Effects – Undo. Adobe Illustrator – Undo. Adobe Photoshop CC – Undo last pin adjustment. Adobe Photoshop CC – Undo last action. Adobe Photoshop CC – Undo a selection move. Adobe Premiere Pro Windows – Undo. Adobe XD Windows – Undo. Affinity Photo – Undo. ArtRage Studio Pro – Undo.

Aseprite 1. Aspire 10 – Edit Undo. AutoCAD – Undo last action. Autodesk 3ds Max – Undo Scene Operation. Autodesk 3ds Max – Undo. Autodesk Maya – Undo. Autodesk Mudbox – Undo. Autodesk SketchBook Windows – Undo. Autodesk SketchBook Pro 8.

Blender – Undo. Canva Windows – Undo. Capture One 20 – Undo. Clip Studio Paint Pro – Undo. Corel Painter – Undo. Creo Parametric 8 – Undo. Cura 4 – Undo. Darktable 2. Daz Studio 4. DesignSpark Mechanical 5. DraftSight – Undo. Easel – Undo. Element 3D 1. Enterprise Architect 14 – Undo a change. FaceRig Studio – Undo. Camera editor, interpolation editor and the timeline view each stores separate undo stack.

When you save or exit the camera editor, undo stack will be cleared. FastStone MaxView 3. Fusion – Undo. GIMP – Undo. Glimpse 0. Global Mapper 21 – While digitizing or editing, undoes the last point.



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Productions provides a flexible, scalable framework for organizing multi-project workflows. With Productions, large complex workflows can be divided into manageable projects, for overall efficiency and collaboration using shared local storage. Assets can be shared between projects within a Production, without creating duplicate files.

Individual editors can group related projects for improved organization and efficiency. Large projects documentaries, films, TV can be broken into reels or episodes where multiple editors collaborate according to their preferred workflow using shared storage network. The established Premiere Pro project format forms the basic building block of Productions. Productions add an additional layer, linking the projects and assets within them.

A project within a Production retain all the attributes of a. You can add existing Premiere Pro projects into a Production. If needed, you can remove them to use as self-standing Premiere Pro projects. When you have large or complex workflows, Productions allows you to divide them into smaller pieces, based on the existing Premiere Pro project format. Productions connects the projects, making them into components of the larger workflow, helping you to keep projects and assets organized and efficient.

Media referencing across projects means you can reuse assets within your production without creating duplicates. This helps you keep individual projects light and fast. The new Production panel in Premiere Pro provides a command center for managing multi-project workflows.

Any projects you add to the Productions folder become part of the production. Whether you are working on macOS or Windows, any changes you make on disk are reflected in Premiere Pro; changes in Premiere Pro are applied on disk.

Productions keeps everything in sync. Using shared local storage, multiple editors can work on different projects in the same production. All projects in a Production share the same settings, including scratch disks.

This means that preview files rendered by one editor can be available for all editors who use that project, ensuring smooth playback and time-saving for the whole team. With Productions, you have full control of your content. Your projects and assets can live entirely on your local storage. Nothing is on the cloud unless you put it there. If needed, you can do all your work without an internet connection.

If you are an individual editor, you can save your project files anywhere, even on your local disk. If you plan to work with a team of editors, you need shared storage. Follow these best practices when configuring shared storage for productions.

The settings you choose for a Production apply to every project in the Productions folder. When collaborating inside a production, every editor sees the same shared settings for the production.

Read on to understand what each setting means for a production. For general information on these settings, see Review project settings. The renderer setting applies to all systems that are working in the production. For situations where a particular system cannot match the exact renderer specified in the production settings, Premiere Pro choose the closest renderer available.

The default value for all the scratch disks settings is Same as Production. It means that the folder that contains your production folder also contains your scratch disk folders. For editorial teams collaborating on shared storage, it is important that the scratch disk folders be set to a shared location that all edit systems can see.

Media referenced using Motion Graphics Templates or Creative Cloud Libraries is only available to all edit systems if the scratch disk setting is set to a shared location. If you must recover a file from Auto Save, navigate to the scratch disk location for Auto Save.

Locate the project file that matches the name of the project you are looking for. There will always be one copy of the project with no user name or timestamp in the filename. This will always be the most recent Auto Save. Ingest settings are disabled for productions. Unlike stand-alone project files, you can open only one production at a time. You can build out your production in multiple ways. You can choose to create files or folders, add new projects within a production, and move or rename projects and folders.

Right-click in the Production panel or use the Production panel menu to choose Add Project to Production and then choose a project on disk. Premiere Pro makes a copy of the project inside the production.

Premiere Pro also upgrades the project version if necessary and checks to ensure there are no duplicate projects in the production. You can add project files to your production using Windows Explorer or Finder. However, avoid doing so unless you are certain the project comes from the same version of Premiere Pro. Make sure it is not a duplicate of an existing project in your production. Productions replace the existing Shared Projects workflow, however there are many differences between them.

Adobe recommends that you finish any existing projects using Shared Projects rather than attempt to migrate them into a production. After a production is set up, you can see all your files and folders within the Production panel. Here is a sample production panel interface. Projects in this state have a solid icon with a green pen indicating that only you are able to edit the project. Other editors can open your project but they can only view it, not make changes.

You can move or rename this project in the Production Panel. Open, Read Only. Projects in this state have a solid icon and may also have a red lock. In either case you are not able to modify the project, only view it. Any open Timeline or Project panels from these projects will have a lock icon in the panel tab. You cannot move or rename projects in this state. Projects in this state have an outlined icon and may also have a red lock.

In either case, the project is closed on your system and not using any memory or processing power. If a red lock is present the name of the editor working in the project appears next to the project. You can move or rename closed projects only if they do not have a red lock icon. Even if a project is locked by another editor and is in a read-only state, you can open it to do the following tasks:. If you are working in a Read-Only project, if the user who is editing the project saves new changes Premiere Pro shows you a notification.

These notifications indicate that you are no longer looking at the most current version of the project. Every user with Premiere Pro can take advantage of productions. Collaborating with multiple editors requires a networked shared storage solution. While solo editors can use productions and benefit from some of the features, it is up to each editor whether they prefer to work in a single project file, a production, or a Team Project. A Team Project can be saved as a stand-alone project file and then added to a production, but not the other way around.

Project Shortcuts can be useful for editors working in a single project but still wanting to link to commonly used projects. Project Shortcuts can be created inside projects in a production. Although most workflows would benefit more from using the Add Project command to bring the project inside the production.

Individual editors can use productions while storing them anywhere they would normally keep a single project file. A networked shared storage solution is only required for collaborating with other editors in the same production. At a basic level, no. Project files created inside a production have the same. They can be moved outside of a production and opened as a stand-alone project. If clips in a sequence link to master clips in a different project, you cannot see those master clips when the project is opened outside of the production.

Use the Generate Master Clips command if you want the project to exist as a stand-alone project. Use the Add Project command to add your project file to your production.

During this process Premiere Pro updates the project file if required. In the same way that a stand-alone project file can be opened on either macOS or Windows, productions support both systems at the same time. The first time opening a production on a new platform you may be asked to confirm the scratch disk location. Make sure to set it to the same location on the server and Premiere Pro handles the translation of drive mounting between the two operating systems.

Only one production can be open at a time, but there is no limit to the number of productions you can create or use. This file is used by Premiere Pro to store production settings and other information. Do not move or modify this file. Ingest settings are disabled in the Production Settings dialog because they are designed to apply to a single computer at a time. To use Ingest Settings, first close your production and create a stand-alone project that is saved outside of the production folder.

Set your desired Ingest Settings and import your media. After all ingest operations have finished, save your project and close it. Open your production and use the Add Project command to bring the project file into your production. You can now use the ingested clips normally.


Decide your storage strategy.Avid media composer 8 keyboard shortcuts pdf free


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